The Guitar Pit Stop

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Welcome to The Guitar Pitstop!  Your one stop shop for all your guitar, bass and other stringed instruments.  Services include:-

- Sole supplier & fitter of the                     Ultimate Tone Claw  (Tremolo claw)

- Setups/Maintenance

- Repairs of all types

- Custom builds

- Modifications

- Fret levels & Re-fret

-Full detailed report & evaluation

-All with reliable, prompt &                      professional service

-Emergency repairs!

I love doing what I'm doing and always go the extra mile for my customers.  Guitars & Basses of all types are my forte and I strive to make them perform at their best.  Check out my albums on the link above & contact me with any questions you may have.

The Ultimate Tone Claw

My desire to achieve the best tone from my Stratocasters has led me to change some of the stock components and also inspired me to create what I call the “Ultimate Tone Claw”.  With my background in sheet metal work I created a tremolo claw with fantastic tone transfer characteristics whilst

playing notes and chords as well as using the tremolo.

The claw is made from no ordinary piece of steel it has undergone a special process which gives it special tone qualities and combined with its extra mass creates something quite unique and still retaining a conventional look.

With already excellent feedback from amateur and part time musicians and professional luthiers I am now producing these for the masses.

You be the judge!  Take a look at the video and listen to the sound clip below.